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For those who want to savor the best life has to offer. For those who crave grand tours that are all about enjoying every moment to its fullest. The new GranCabrio is an icon evolved.


A Maserati convertible immediately puts you in touch with the elegance of the car, not concealed under the roof and behind the windows. An open-top Maserati looks even more elegant and offers full enjoyment of the engine’s roar. These cars place the driver in contact with the road and the landscape that surrounds them; they provide the full experience by combining the emotions of driving with those of the world through which we are all traveling.

The new GranCabrio was created in parallel with the GranTurismo and follows the understated elegance of its lines, reaffirming the concept expressed by the coupé version with the optimal balance between aesthetic approach and unostentatious functionality. Just like in the GranTurismo, a union that has created a natural beauty and a design unaffected by fads, GranCabrio will always remaining timeless.


A rush of fresh air, a thunderous roar, and landscapes straight from your imagination. The new GranCabrio brings revolutionary technology and Modena-engineered power for uncompromising performance that is certain to paint a smile and driving euphoric sensations.

Unique front and eye-catching rear light clusters

As with all new Maserati models, starting with the MC20 halo car, the front of the GranCabrio also features vertical lights, bringing back what has become a new lighting signature for the Brand. This stylistic decision gives the car a fresh, sporty look. Conversely, the front grille includes the iconic 3D Trident logo.

The rear features the taillights launched in the GranTurismo, a mix between the classic boomerang form from many Maserati models in the past and a harpoon. Illuminated by Full LED technology, this shape also gives the GranCabrio an unmistakable, very assertive signature at the rear.

Pure, contemporary design

The GranCabrio trim level is bold and sophisticated, fully interpreting the spirit of Maserati.
The tradition of Italian artisanship and the use of noble materials perfectly define the elegance of the design and the stitching that can be found throughout the passenger compartment. The result conveyed is one of great luxury, but at the same time it fully epitomises the spirit of the GranCabrio.

Once again in the GranCabrio, tradition in our local area and Italian artisanship are juxtaposed with innovation and technology. With its top down, the GranCabrio’s contrast between luxury and technology immediately catches the eye when you look at the uniquely crafted materials, then at the screens that bring together the controls.



Maximum Power
Maximum Speed
325 km/h
0-60 mph
0-100 km/h
3.0-liter twin-turbo V-6 engine




Type 3.0-liter twin-turbo V-6 engine
Compression Ratio 11:1
Transmission Automatic
0-62 mph 2.7 Sec
Maximum Power 542 hp
Displacement 3000 cc
Maximum torque 460 lb-ft


Maserati of Westport

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